About us

Projects form the building blocks of commercial resources management. They are managed relative to the environmental, economic and social framework conditions that apply and the project specific scientific, technical and project process management aspects with due regard for the opportunities and risks arising from uncertainties. We wish to apply our experience to help the United Nations, governments, industry and finance in the complex resource management required to navigate the current periods of crisis and reform, aiming to reach the UN sustainable development goals. We enjoy working across commodities and professions in our efforts to serve as we see that there are no other ways. 

Petronavit has been instrumental in the design and negotiation of the initial version Petroleum Resource Management System (PRMS) of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and later the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC). We have deep exposure to resource management, both in government and industry from the well-developed petroleum sector. Now, focus is on the items shown in the figure above and other sectors of the economy.