(Updated 19th of April 2024)

  • Innovation in public-private partnerships to meet current challenges.
  • Advising international centres of excellence on resource management.
  • Analyses of projects for resource development and use.
  • Analyses of asset portfolios.
  • Further development/adaptation of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources with a focus on commercial applications.
  • Process analyses for individual enduring extraction projects, respecting uncertain needs for change over time.
  • Advise on disclosure and financial reporting of extractive activities.

Specific professional themes:

  • Assessment of extraction engineering and classification/valuation issues (petroleum, minerals, water and recipient underground reservoirs).
  • Assessment of geotechnical engineering issues, including for the mechanical behaviour of sediments basins and wellbores during drilling and extraction operations.
  • Training in the application of our capabilities, in particular aimed at assisting countries in development.

Sigurd Heiberg: Commissions and representations

2024 – present: Member of the Anthropogenic Working group of the EGRM

2024 – present: Member of the UNFC Adoption Group set up by EGRM.

2023 – present: Member of the network of practitioners supporting the application of UNFC for minerals in Europe

2023 Member of the Reference Group supporting the CSE Secretariate

2021 Contribution to The Economic Commission for Europe’s UNDA project “Integrated energy and water resource management to support sustainable development in South-East Europe and Central Asia. Contract no. 2500277260

2021 Expression of Gratitude from the UNECE Sustainable Energy Subprogramme

2019 – present: Member of the Technical Advisory Group of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Management.

2019-2020: Member of the UNECE Cleaner Electricity Expert Group’s Carbon Neutrality Project.

2019: Panel member at the 28th session of the UNECE Intergovernmental Committee on Sustainable Energy

2018 Member of the UN Resource Management System Task Force Of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Management

2018: Member of the Advisory Board of the UNECE project “Pathways to Sustainable Energy”

2017 – present: Chairperson of the Commercial Applications Working Group of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification

2017-present: Member of the UNECE/EGRM UN Resource Management System Subgroup

2017 + : Member of the advisory council of Orama, an EU Horizon 2020 research project

2016 + : Member of the advisory council of Minfuture, an EU Horizon 2020 research programme

2016-2019: Member of the Cost Minea research effort – an EU initiative

2015-2019: Member of the Communications subcommittee and the Resourcing subcommittee of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification

2015: UNECE Scenario team leder for one of four future scenarios considered in the “Pathway to Sustainable Energy” project initiated by the Intergovernmental Committee on Sustainable Energy.

2013: Advisor to the Bureau of the UNECE Intergorvernmental Committeee on Sustainable Energy

2013-2014 Guest Editor, Energy Strategy Reviews, Elsevier

2013: Peer reviewer, IEA World Energy Outlook 2011

2010 – 2012: Chairperson of the Bureau of the UNECE Intergovernmental Committee on Sustainable Energy

2009: Recipient of an Expression of Appreciation from the UN Economic Commission for Europe signed by Ján Kubis, Executive Secretary and Fredric Romig, Director of the Sustainable Energy Division for “His vision, Inspired Leadership and Dedication as the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Harmonization of Fossil Energy and Mineral Resources Terminology, 2002-2009” and from other colleagues

2009: Past Chairperson and member of the Bureau of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification.

2008-2010: Vice Chairperson of the Bureau of the UNECE Intergovernmental Committee on Sustainable Energy

2008: Chairperson, Round table on reserves and resources, with Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, Head, Economic Analysis Division International Energy Agency/OECD, Paris; H.E Mr. Yahya Shinawi, Director General of The Eastern Province Branch of Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia; Mr. Bernard Seiller, Deputy Vice President of Field Reserves Development, Total; Mr. Michael Lynch-Bell, Chartered Accountant, Ernst & Young Partner, Global Energy, Chemicals & Utilities, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP; Mr. William M. Cobb, William M. Cobb & Associates, 2008 SPE President; Ms. Charlotte Griffiths, Economic Affairs Officer, Sustainable Energy Division, and Acting Principal Information Officer, UNECE. 19th World Petroleum Congress, Madrid.

2007: Recognized Expert by The State Commission of Mineral Reserves of the Russian Federation (GKZ) on occasion of the 80th anniversary of GKZ.

2006: Member and Statoil representative, Advisory council, The Norwegian International Programme for Petroleum Management and Administration ( 

2006-2007: Member of the steering committee, AAPG/SPE International Multidisciplinary Reserves Conference, Washington D.C. 24th-26th June 2007

2006: Chairperson, Special Focus Session on Harmonization of Reserves and Resources Terminology, 4th Russian Petroleum Congress, June 2006

2005: Chairperson, Round table on reserves and resources, with H. E. Dr. Adnan A. Shihab-Eldin, Acting Secretary General, OPEC; Robert P. Garnett, Member, International Accounting Standards Board; Michael Lynch Bell, Partner-in-charge, Ernst & Young; Jimmy Daboo, Partner and Vice Chairman, KPMG Global Energy and Natural Resources Practice; and D. Ronald Harrell, Chairman, Ryder Scott Company. 18th World Petroleum Congress, Johannesburg.

2004-2006: Member, NPD Advisory Board on National Budget Reporting

2004: Recipient of The Special Award of the United Republic of Tanzania, granted “in recognition of your extraordinary contribution to the successful realization of the Songo Songo development project” in the presence of H. E. Benjamin William Mkapa, President of the United Republic of Tanzania on the 4th of October, 2004, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2002-2009: Chairperson, Ad-Hoc Group of Experts on Harmonization of Fossil Energy and Mineral Resources Terminology (renamed Expert group on Resource Classification in 2009), United. Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Committee on Sustainable Energy. A main result was the development of the United Nations Framework Classification for Energy and Mineral Resources that UN Economic and Social Council recommended for world-wide use on the 16th of July 2004 (ECOSOC Resolution 2004/233) and that the UNECE reissued in simplified form in 2009. (

2002-2008: Member, Extended Bureau of the Committee on Sustainable Energy, UNECE.(

2002-2005: Editor of the SPE Reprint volume: “Oil and Gas Property Evaluation and Reserves Estimates II”.

2002-2005: Member, SPE Reprint Series Committee representing the Management and Information speciality area.

1999-2003: Chairperson, Work group II for forecasting and decision support under uncertainty. NPD industry forum for Forecasting and Uncertainty Evaluation (FUN) (

1997-2002: Member, and from Oct. 2000 to Oct 2001 Chairperson, of the Oil and Gas Reserves Committee, Society of Petroleum Engineers (supported by The World Petroleum Congresses and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists). (

1994: Consultant to The World Bank, Gas development in Tanzania and Mozambique

1994: Chairperson of the board of directors of “Petra og Julies Lånekasse” – a small charitable family foundation.

1979: Deputy member, The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy task force on the development of the white paper to Parliament on Energy

1979-1981: SINTEF/PETEK member of interim Board of Directors and the first Board of Directors

1975-1982: Member of the Committee for the development of Conservation regulations for the Norwegian Continental Shelf