(Updated 1st of April 2004)

  • Innovation in public-private partnerships to meet current challenges.
  • Advising international centres of excellence on resource management.
  • Analyses of projects for resource development and use.
  • Analyses of asset portfolios.
  • Further development/adaptation of the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources with a focus on commercial applications.
  • Process analyses for individual enduring extraction projects, respecting uncertain needs for change over time.
  • Advise on disclosure and financial reporting of extractive activities.

Specific professional themes:

  • Assessment of extraction engineering and classification/valuation issues (petroleum, minerals, water and recipient underground reservoirs).
  • Assessment of geotechnical engineering issues, including for the mechanical behaviour of sediments and wellbores during drilling and extraction operations.
  • Training in the application of our capabilities, in particular aimed at assisting countries in development.